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NJ BOOM BOOM is a premier auto shop specializing in luxury interiors, cutting edge tuning, quality auto parts, and advanced auto technology.  We opened our first shop in 1997 in Queens, New York, followed by a second shop in New Jersey.  We are committed to using our twenty years of experience to cement our presence as a market leader in auto parts and serve our clients with top-of-the-line parts and technology.

Choose a LLumar SelectPro dealer for exceptional service

The LLumar SelectPro dealer network delivers an outstanding buying experience from film selection through professional installation for customers who demand only the finest for their vehicles, homes and commercial properties. LLumar SelectPro dealers offer discerning customers the exclusive FormulaOne by LLumar product lines along with the complete line of LLumar window film and paint protection film. Proudly made by an Eastman Chemical Company business, LLumar products are backed by a manufacturer's limited warranty.






































Here are some customer reviews:

From: Kevin Q.

"Excellent service, fast and reliable, honest workers, just a straightforward job done well. Keep it up."

From: MVP Autobody[by]

"I went to get my tints done I went with their LLumar brand and they came out great! I can't complain the guys really did a great job on my car far the best tints I ever had gotten done. I am going back next week for some HID's. They convinced me with Just their service and warranty."

From: Luis R.

"Went there to get my tints done, after that got HID on my fog lights and headlights, they helped install my fog lights and rainguards, they installed my viper alarm/remote start. Will recommended anyone to go there.Their service is great, they also give you warranty any issues you can always come back and they won't give you the run around. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!"

From: Arlene P.

"Great place to take your car! They have amazing customer won't regret it!"

From: Andy C.

"It's a great place to go and awesome customer service. I've been going to this place since 2007 and never gave me a doubt. I also recommend my friends to get their work done here."

From: Nikos G.

"I live in the area and I was looking for a good local place to install a complicated GPS/DVD stereo system. They did a great job at a fair price and while there I also decided to have them install a set of HID lights."

Manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty

Not only does FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tints by LLumar add overall comfort to your driving experience, but it also provides you comfort in knowing you are backed by the unsurpassed FormulaOne Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty. Your window tint is protected against cracking, bubbling, or color fading for as long as you own your vehicle. Your warranty can be transferred to subsequent vehicle owners and is supported by a select national network of professional dealers. You can trust that your vehicle will always get the attention it deserves.

High Performance Auto window tinting(LLumar FormulaOne) material holds well on the surface of the window and lowers the radiant temperature like it should. Best of all, they last for a lifetime making it worth the investment. But in other hand, cheap tinting is the result of a quick manufacturing process without much attention to details and quality. The bubbling effect will have a negative impact on the aesthetic value of the vehicle. In most cases, the bubbling will cause the film to peel away from the surface and this happens only for two reasons – quality of tinting that is below par and the way it is applied on the window. Poor quality tinting is rarely provided with material or labor warranty from the manufacturer. When all these factors are examined it is easy to gain a clearer picture of not only of what sets them apart, but also what distinguishes practical from impractical usage. For a low quality film, consumers can expect the price to be anywhere from $50 to $250. Highest quality films run around $500 or more.

Are you looking for the highest rated window tinting shop in NJ? Well look no further, you found us right here!



1st Place The Best Mitsubishi 

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Xteme RIDES AUTO & BIKE SHOW 4&5 2008

1st Place SHOW WINNER Best Mitsubishi 



MAXXD OUT CAR SHOW 2008 Sponsored by Beyond Image

2ND PLACE The Best Mitsubishi

FormulaOne high-performance window tint delivers the ultimate in appearance, comfort and protection

Step Up Your Ride with FormulaOne Tint

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