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LLumar® Platinum Paint Protection Film Series
Your ultimate defense against threats to a fresh, flawless finish.

LLumar® Paint Protection Film makes it easy to keep your car’s finish looking like you just drove off the lot. It effectively stands up to flying rocks, bird droppings, salt, sand and more. We offer multiple finishes, innovative 2-in-1 products, and go-to favorites, all of which are self-healing, extensively tested, and factory-backed. Decide what coverage you need, select your product and take any road with confidence.

Self-healing surface, and HydroGard technology elevate Platinum Series performance to outstanding levels. Whether you’re a perfectionist or

just love what you drive, this best-in-class protection is good for your car and your confidence.



Partial Hood | Full Front Bumper | Partial Fender



Full Hood | Full Front Bumper | Full Fenders   Headlights



Full Car Protection

What LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film can do for you

Life on the road can be rough for automotive paint. Every mile increases the risk of nicks, scratches, stains and more that can spoil your vehicle’s finish – and your day.

No Yellowing

A hydrophobic effect

This film’s self-healing surface significantly improves the performance and durability of automotive paint finishes

Ceramic Coating

At NJBoomBoom, we're proud to offer a cutting-edge solution that elevates your vehicle's appearance and shields it from the elements. This revolutionary technology provides a range of benefits that enhance the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your prized possession.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds to your vehicle's paint, creating a protective layer that offers exceptional durability. This thin yet robust shield enhances your car's resistance against UV rays, oxidation, environmental contaminants, and minor scratches while giving the surface a hydrophobic finish thats easy to maintain.

Advantages of a Ceramic Coating

  • Unparalleled Protection: Say goodbye to fading, etching, and paint damage caused by harsh weather conditions, bird droppings, tree sap, and road debris.

  • Hydrophobic Brilliance: Enjoy the beauty of water-repellent surfaces. Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic effect that causes water, dirt, and grime to effortlessly slide off, making washing a breeze.

  • Enhanced Gloss: Elevate your vehicle's visual appeal with a deep, mirror-like finish that catches every eye on the road.

  • Long-Lasting Results: Our ceramic coatings are engineered for endurance, providing years of protection and shine with proper care. 

The Synergy of Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

Maximize your vehicle's protection by combining the power of ceramic coating with our Paint Protection Film (PPF) services. PPF acts as a physical barrier against scratches, rock chips, and road debris, while ceramic coating enhances its longevity and maintains its luster.

Explore the world of ceramic coating with us and give your car the advantage it deserves.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the future of automotive protection firsthand. Your journey towards enhanced aesthetics and enduring beauty begins here.


Why Choose NJBoomBoom

With over 25 years of experience in automotive enhancement, our team's expertise ensures that the application of your ceramic coating is flawlessly executed. We meticulously prepare your vehicle's surface, applying the ceramic coating with precision and care to achieve optimal bonding and coverage.

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